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Finalist at 23rd Annual Woods Hole Filmfest

schedule2014Cape Cod’s oldest film festival turns 23 this week. I’m honored to be taking part.

Independent film is king and queen at Woods Hole, where the jury has selected my edgy Napoleonic drama, SCOTCH VERDICT, as a finalist in the screenwriting competition. Awards will be given Saturday, August 2 after eight days of celebrating what’s best in American cinema this year.

Check out the trailers. The films are really diverse, spanning fiction and documentary. I love the one for DESERT RUNNERS, a documentary following extreme athletes in a new adventure racing competition. And the teaser for THAT SILLY BASTARD UNDER THE BED lets us here the telephone voice of President John F. Kennedy in a hilarious White House moment captured on tape.

Here’s a great writeup of the lineup in The Boston Globe.WHFF2014_OfficialSelectionEmblem_Web_B__COL_W

Here’s the schedule of events.

Here’s the link to buy tickets.

Screenings are selling out fast. That means there’s going to be some great partying on Cape Cod in the week to come.

Join me next weekend in Woods Hole!



New Laurels

SCOTCH VERDICT picked up another award last month. I was genuinely surprised, and very pleased, to accept the genre prize for best historical screenplay. (Not based on the book by Lillian Faderman, by the way.)

Many thanks to the jury at the third annual 2014 Richmond International Film Festival, organized by Heather Waters, for commending this steamy trial story set during Napoleon’s blockade of Scotland, about four gorgeous women fighting for their lives–and the teenage rebel from Bombay with the power to destroy them all.

Along with the laurels came a cool subscription to the Media Industry Xchange along with Script Express services. Haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but it will be interesting to see how they differ from InkTip.

Best Screenplay went, deservingly, to Fred Perry for CROSSINGS. “It’s a metaphysical drama,” Perry explained, “about a troubled kid and a reclusive WWII vet who conspire to pull of the impossible — the abduction of a beautiful apparition from the old man’s past.  It’s about lost love, longing and second chances. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” quipped Perry with his signature dry wit. His comedy FIVE DAYS IN CALCUTTA cracked me up at DC Shorts last fall, where it, too, won top honors.

I was in good company exploring Richmond for the first time. Really enjoyed meeting award-winning sound recordist Ron Judkins (LINCOLN), another talented scribbler whose new indie drama FINDING NEIGHBORS won best feature film.

Hopefully next year RIFF will publish the log lines of all fifteen selected screenplays and add staged readings so audiences can get a flavor of the writing that’s in competition. Without either one of those hooks to hang a hat on at the industry mixers that have become de rigeur at film festivals, writers are really at a social disadvantage. Film makers introduce themselves in conversation about the day’s screenings. If nobody knows your work, you feel pretty tongue tied sidling up to your colleagues at a bar. Just sayin’.

Thanks again to the RIFF staff for organizing events, and best wishes to all my fellow Richmond alums. Next time, don’t forget to memorize your log lines before raising a glass!